About Us


AZTEC High School is a Charter School under the umbrella of the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center.  The school was chartered in 1995 under the direction of Juvenile Judge Thomas Thode to provide educational opportunities and vocational training for students on probation, who were not attending school.   Since its establishment in July of 1995, AZTEC High School has served many students in grades 9 throuogh 12 throughout the Yuma, Welton, Somerton and San Luis area.  

The school’s success can be measured in it’s recognition as a Performing School under AZLEARNS for the past 3 years, but more importantly, in the attitude of it’s students.  The sense that AZTEC High School faculty and staff truly care about each individual, and his/her success, has created a culture focused not on what has gone wrong in the past for the student, but what will go right in the future.  


All students can learn, but all students do not learn in the same way, or at the same time.   AZTEC High School students, faculty, and staff are committed to the achievement of personal, social, and academic growth for each individual student.  Students are encouraged to set and meet personal goals, to persist to graduation, and to continue with post-secondary education

Our Program:

In partnership with the Juvenile Court, AZTEC High School’s focus is on the education and rehabilitation of the at-risk student/juvenile offender, offering a full academic curriculum aligned with Arizona State Standards, and a life skills program designed to enhance personal and social growth.  The emphasis is on traditional classroom instruction, encompassing lecture/note taking, assignments, quizzes, and exams,  computer assisted instruction as applicable, and portfolio/participation driven classes, such as Interior Design, Office Skills,  and Marketing. All faculty  incorporate  Differentiated Instructional techniques and practices into their classrooms, allowing for individual differences.

Special Emphasis: 

AZTEC High Schools emphasis is on the at-risk student with poor attendance patterns, poor decision making skills, and involvement in the juvenile justice system.  We serve court-ordered students, students whose at-risk factors include pregnancy and parenting, students who have dropped out and wish to return to school, and students seeking alternatives to large high schools.  The percentage of students on probation ranges from 40-60% during a year.  A large percentage of students continue at AZTEC after completing Probation.  A close relationship is maintained among Probation, AZTEC High School, and Detention, in order to maximize benefits to the juvenile.

Students are encouraged to persist to graduation, and to pursue post secondary education.  Assistance in completing Federal Financial Aid/Scholarship forms is offered, and graduating Seniors are offered a tour of Arizona Western College, take placement tests, apply for admission, and register for classes.  All AZTEC faculty and staff are actively involved in promoting student success.  


AZTEC High School was recognized as “Division of the Year” for 2011 and 2018 at the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center.

Informaton of Staff:

AZTEC High School keeps on hand all staff member's credentials and resumes.   Please ask if you would like to review staff credentials and resumes.

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